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Uncover and capitalise on new business opportunities

Business Development Training: Is There Enough In The Pipeline?

pipelines: Business Development trainingOne of the questions that we encourage businesses to ask themselves when they’re missing targets is whether they have ‘enough in the pipeline’. Through our business development training and coaching, we can help you uncover new opportunities within your market and keep the work coming in.

Key Questions

These are the key questions that we believe businesses should ask of themselves when they’ve identified that there isn’t enough in the pipeline:

  • Have you got the correct market focus?
  • Is your market big enough to generate opportunity?
  • Are your sales team generating their own leads?
  • Is your New Business Development/Marketing process delivering well qualified leads?
  • Are your sales people gathering the right intelligence to identify opportunity?
  • Are they asking the right questions to uncover that opportunity? (Do they have those skills)?
  • Do you have “farmers” and not “hunters” in terms of behavioural styles/preferences in your sales team?

If we were to ask you to predict the next question to come after each of these points, we suspect it would be “If not, why not?” However, that question can be much harder to answer than the first six. This is where Archimedes’ business development training comes into play.

A Solution

Bright idea: Business Development trainingDepending on the nature of your business, and the issues that you’ve identified, we can help you ensure there is enough in the pipeline and capitalise on opportunities. There are a number of ways we can do this which include:

  • New Business Development aptitude reviews of your sales team.
  • A review of your lead generation process – looking at your marketing and internal sales capabilities.
  • Looking at how your sales team use questioning processes and conceptual selling.
  • Creating and delivering a questioning/probing skills development programme.

To find out more about our business development training solutions, please have a look at how we work or contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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Uncover and capitalise on new business opportunities

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