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Sales and Account Management Training

“You need sales – without them, nothing in a business moves.”

Quite simply, you can’t grow in business without selling more. This is what makes sales and account management the critical function of any commercial business. These days you can’t show up and expect to take an order. Customers need more than just information on your product or service – this is where our sales and account management training comes in to play. Here at Archimedes Consulting, we believe it’s crucial that organisations are constantly working on optimising their sales effectiveness to maintain and grow their revenues. We also know that it’s not an easy journey. To discover a solution, you have to ask questions of yourself and your business.

Solving issues in business

So, what are the issues that you’re facing at the moment? Are you missing targets, struggling with forecasting or perhaps finding it hard to get the rest of the business to buy into the needs of the customer? We provide sales and account management training to cover some of the most common issues that businesses admit to experiencing – and that we’ve experienced ourselves during our careers. If you’re thinking about pitching for a sale, take some tips from Miller Heiman consultant, Patricia Seabright below:

We also offer training to:

We help businesses capitalise on opportunities and we know that every opportunity is different. If there is something in particular that you would like us to help with or you would like to find out more about our sales and account management training, please contact us to discuss things further.

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Sales and Account Management Training

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