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Public Speaking and Politics

Public Speaking for Politics

Public speaking has long been a key skill for anyone in politics. That remains true today. Being able to rouse and inspire a political meeting, a conference, a selection panel or even the House of Commons is still a critically important skill. The rise of videos in social media, Youtube, Facebook Live for example, have also raised the importance of presentation skills.

But most people in politics or with aspirations to be in politics are, of course usually pretty good speakers, so why the need for public speaking coaching?

The best orators know that a public speaking skill has to be constantly nurtured and developed in order to deliver consistently good outcomes. No top athletes question the need for working regularly, if not daily, on their skills, and coaches are usually needed to support that work.

At Archimedes we have worked with local and national political figures to help them prepare for their pivotal speaking engagements.

The nature of individual speaking coaching means that each coaching programme is tailored to the individual both in terms of the content, duration and format. An example of a programme is:-

  • Initial requirements discussion
    Clarify and focus on the objectives, e.g. event preparation or a specific skill area development or a holistic programme covering a full range of speaking skill elements.
  • Assessment or benchmark of skills
    Video or live presentation / speaking review, agreement reached on development objectives, and programme structure and duration needed to achieve the goals.
  • Core programme modules covered
    These can be focused on specific aspects of speaking e.g. content / structure / audience engagement / Q&A handling / vocal skills / handling nerves / movement or body language.

  • Application
    A rehearsal, or live application, usually videoed and reviewed to enable practice in applying the skills that have been worked on.
  • Final Presentation
    Where it is for event preparation, the process can end with pre-event support and a post event review.

The formats and methodologies used will vary according to your requirements, but typically cover:

  • Duration – can be a series of sessions over time or intensive programmes of a day or more in length.
  • Location – we usually come to you and some face-to-face work is always needed but remote work via Skype etc can also be effective.
  • Methodologies – depending on requirements the use of live / real time video, use of a voice coach or a script writer, graphic designer for visual aids / Powerpoint can be included in the programme.

When it matters, don’t leave it to chance!

Call us on 01727 850668 or Contact us to discuss a programme for you – we’ll tailor it to fit your needs, your schedule and your budget.

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Public Speaking and Politics

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