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What’s the point of your presentation?7 Mar 2019

What is your objective when making a speech or presentation? Often people say that their objective is to inform or give information. But what do we really mean by “to inform”?

People can get raw data and even information from the internet, do they really need you talking to them? So you have to ask, what extra value am I bringing vs what they could just read?

There is a hierarchy of information that helps us think about the nature of what we seek to communicate;

Do you want to offer just information?  Probably not. To make your speech high impact you probably need to think about the different levels of information.

Do you want to help your audience get a fresh perspective, achieve something, solve a problem or capitalise on an opportunity? Probably yes, because if you’re doing that your audience will automatically be fully engaged and attentive to what you have to say.

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What’s the point of your presentation?

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