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Making conference presentations – Love them or Loathe them??21 Feb 2019

Is it a great time to refocus and set direction, to inspire and be inspired ? Or do you just dread it? Dread being required to get up on your hind legs and make the standard issue presentations? Dread the bored audiences, the PowerPoint mountain you’ll be asked to produce? Worst of all, do you dread the hammering heart and sweaty palms that can go with it?

To my mind it should be a time for inspiration and energy, renewal and refocus. It’s a shame if conference presentations hinder rather than help. Make sure that you and your team’s presentations break the mould!

Archimedes is here to help – so click below to read the first 5 of our presentation tips.



We have a team of experts who help our clients with their public speaking engagements. We have business experts, actors, voice coaches, BBC presenters and script writers.
If we can help you with your preparation for conference speaking commitments please contact us.

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Making conference presentations – Love them or Loathe them??

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