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Presentation Anxiety Training: Managing Presentation Nerves

So you know your stuff, you have the presentation prepared and your technical team have everything in place for you to deliver the speech of your career. Your audience is ready but the presentation nerves kick in. Our presentation anxiety training is here to help you overcome this.

As Patricia Seabright states below, being a little bit hesitant is a good thing – the human body helps us by producing the right chemical reactions to help us go and excel at what we’re doing. However, we understand that sometimes we can’t control these nerves and the reactions become overwhelming rather than empowering.

Key questions

  • Are you breathing? (We’d hope so!) So more to the point…
    • Are you breathing correctly?
  • Do you know the physical and psychological techniques that can help you deal with nerves?
  • Are you preparing well enough to give yourself the best chance?

Our presentation anxiety training

We know that people can be affected by nerves in different ways – but we also know that the underlying chemical processes within the body work in the same way in everyone. We work with people individually and our solutions can include:

Bright idea: : presentation anxiety training

  • Voice coaching – to control breathing and aid delivery.
  • Workshops and coaching on nerve handling techniques.
  • Increasing time and coaching in both preparation skills and during rehearsals.

If you’d like to find out more about how our presentation anxiety training can help women and men in business, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk through your requirements and explain more about what we do.

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Presentation Anxiety Training: Managing Presentation Nerves

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