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Presentation Skills Training

Animated characters engaged: presentation skills trainingWe can help you keep your audience engaged, forcing them to ‘buy in’ to your message, no matter what you’re trying to sell of discuss.

Persuasive presentations do just that but they have to be carefully created to avoid ‘preaching to the converted’, ‘teaching people how to suck eggs’, ‘going over their heads’ (or any number of other cliches) or coming across as trying to ‘bully’ your audience into your way of thinking. This is where our presentation skills training for business women and men comes into play!

Assuming that nerves aren’t playing a factor in how you present, here are some of the key questions we think you should consider when you’re trying to make the most persuasive of presentations.

  • Do you really understand what your audience want to know?
    • Have you done enough audience research?
  • Do you really know what will appeal to them?
  • Are you really clear about what your objectives are?
  • Have you got compelling evience to back up your key points?
  • Are you appealing to the audience both rationally and emotionally?
  • Is the structure of your presentation clear and engaging?

Persuasive Presentation Skills Workshop

Making a presentation persuasive requires many of the skills that we’ve talked about in our Sales & Account Management section – but we know that it’s not just the ‘sales’ team that have to present and persuade.  We work closely with you, looking at both the theoretical and practical sides of presenting, including:

light bulb: presentation skills training

  • Helping you understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of audience analysis – in a learning style that works for you
  • Coaching on how to select an appropriate structure
  • Coaching/workshops on understanding the key principles of persuasion
  • Coaching/workshops on understanding how to connect emotionally with an audience

Even if you’re not trying to change the minds of your audience, it’s important that your presentation persuades them that you know exactly what you’re talking about and why you’re explaining it in that particular way. If you’d like to find out more about our presentation skills training, have a look at how we work, or contact us directly.

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Presentation Skills Training

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