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Training In Creating Engaging Presentations

Gold fish in a glass bowl: Training In Creating Engaging Presentations

The content of your presentation might be fascinating to you, but with ever shortening concentration spans, it’s really important to consider how to keep your audience’s attention, creating engaging presentations that work every time.

Unless you’re enforcing a strict “no phones” policy, the temptation to check, and respond to, the most recent email, glance through a Twitter stream or place a quick online order is one that as the presenter you will be fighting all the way. Our digital lives mean that everything works so quickly the audience needs to be actively engaged to avoid that automatic reach for the phone.

Holding the audience’s attention requires a combination of skills and we’ve covered those in our other sections including those about presenting technical information, getting your message across and creating persuasive presentations. In addition to the questions raised there, we’d encourage you to look at these additional points when you’re preparing your presentation:

  • How do you structure the presentation/talk to deal with the inevitable attention dips?
    • Will the timing of the presentation within the day affect this?
  • What active methods can you use to get the audience fully engaged?
  • What rhetorical devices and media can you use to create variety in your speech?
  • Is PowerPoint your friend or enemy in the battle for attention?
  • What do you need to do with your physical delivery to keep them interested in listening to you?

Presentation Solutions

Even subjects that are seen as stereotypically ‘boring’ can be engaging if they’re delivered in the right way. We provide women and men with training that helps keep audiences attention. We do this via:

pink light bulb: Training In Creating Engaging Presentations

  • Voice coaching to master (and hone) your skills of pitch, pace, tone and modulation
  • Workshops in creating content and structure
  • 1:1 rehearsal coaching
  • Ongoing support to help you improve your presentation skills and become a great speaker

To find out more about our training in creating engaging presentations, please take a look at how we work or contact us directly.

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Training In Creating Engaging Presentations

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