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Public Speaking Coaching: How To Become A Great Speaker

Animated character public speaking: public speaking coaching What makes a great speaker? Archimedes public speaking coaching can help you become that certain person that has us hanging onto your every word, completely engrossed and suddenly oblivious to everything around us – our focus being solely on what you’ll say next.

To ‘up your game’ and get from being a good speaker to a great one isn’t an overnight process. We can’t give you a simple “How to become a great speaker” download and expect it to work.

What we can do however, is give you some questions to consider when you’re thinking about how to refine your presentation skills:

  • What are the benefits to your career of being a great speaker?
  • Do you know what really makes the difference between a competent speaker and a really good one?
  • Do you really think beyond what the messages are?
    • Do you consider how you deliver the message?
  • Do you use enough variety of rhetorical devices and media to fully engage your audience?
  • Is your physical delivery (voice and body language) all that it could be?
  • Are you authentic and congruent in your messages and delivery?
  • What are the key lessons to be learnt from the great speakers of the world?

Public Speaking Tips for Women

Bright Idea: Public Speaking CoachingHelping make good speakers great is an area that we really enjoy working in. The journey can often be multi-faceted and we always create our coaching programmes to meet the precise needs of those we’re working with.

We can run executive coaching on a 1:1 basis or for small groups, especially if each member of that group is preparing to speak at the same event.

If you want to find out how to become a great speaker with our public speaking coaching, the first step is, of course, to get in touch with us. We’ll then be able to talk through your requirements and explain how we can help you deliver the best presentations to help you in your career!

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Public Speaking Coaching: How To Become A Great Speaker

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