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Effective Presentation Skills Training

sitting around a table: effective presentation skills training

Our busy lives are full of distractions and the digital world moves incredibly fast. It seems everybody wants everything now, time is increasingly precious and information has to be provided in short, easily digestible chunks, meaning that effective presentation skills training for women and men is often sought after in business and careers.

Getting your message across and making sure your audience understand your key points is a challenge – one made even harder by the compulsion to check our phones every 2 minutes!

When you’re preparing your presentation, these are some of the questions we’d recommend you consider:

  • How much can your audience realistically absorb/remember?
    • Will the time of your presentation affect this?
  • What are the benchmarks about the amount of content v.s. time?
  • Have you really distilled down your key message(s)?
    • How do you do that?
  • How can you interest and engage the audience enough to make them want to follow up with you?
  • Is your structure clear?
  • What does “less is more” really mean in this context?
  • What are the things that make brains more able to absorb and remember key messages?
    • Are you using these to your advantage?

Archimedes Solutions

No audience is exactly the same as the next, even if you’re delivering the same presentation to two groups of people – how it goes and/or the response you get will be different to some extreme.   You might like to look at our sections on nerves and persuasive presentations to see whether you need to factor some of those questions into your planning. As well as that, our training can offer:

light bulb: effective presentation skills training

  • Programmes on creating content
  • Coaching on structure and content
  • 1:1 Rehearsal coaching

To find out more about how our effective presentation skills training can help you get your message across, have a look at how we work or  contact us directly.

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Effective Presentation Skills Training

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