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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

“Be so good they can’t ignore you”

Steve Martin

Stick people sat in chairs listening to a presentation: presentation skills trainingIt’s long been said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in the harsh reality of business, judgements and opinions are quickly formed and can take a very long time to change. We judge or perceive someone’s competence when we see them on their feet presenting – not on everything else they do, so presentation skills training in business is incredibly important.

A great financial director can help a business run smoothly and efficiently, but if they deliver a lifeless, boring speech at the company conference, those watching will remember that element of the presentation rather than the actual financial state of the business.

Our presentation skills training (we specialise in training business women) can help you keep your audience engaged, compelling them to ‘buy in’ to your message – no matter what you’re trying to sell or discuss. In this video, Miller Heiman Global Consultant, Patricia Seabright, discusses some common pitfalls of presenting and lists some tips and tricks to help keep audiences engaged:

Some of our services include preparing for Q&A presentations and managing public speaking nerves, looking at both the theoretical and practical sides of presenting.

We can help you:

  • Understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of audience analysis – in a learning style that works for you.
  • Train you on how to select an appropriate structure for your speech or presentation.
  • Understand the key principles of persuasion.
  • Understand how to connect emotionally with an audience.

Some key questions to consider:

  • Do you really understand what your audience want to know?
  • Have you done enough audience research?
  • Do you really know what will appeal to them?
  • Are you really clear about what your objectives are?
  • Have you got compelling evidence to back up your key points?
  • Are you appealing to the audience both rationally and emotionally?
  • Is the structure of your presentation clear and engaging?

Our presentation skills training can be vital to career progression, leadership and influence – but here at Archimedes we also know that these skills are often some of the most difficult to excel in. Whether it’s battling with nerves, handling a tough crowd or delivering financial or technical information without sending the audience to sleep, we can help.

Presentation Skills for Technical Specialists

What happens when you have to present the technical detail of your business or service to non-technical specialists?

We’ve delivered presentation skills training to many technical staff who were, by nature of their skills and professions, not natural presenters. Being able to present what fascinates and inspires you technically to an audience who are expecting to be bored and/or baffled is a big ask. Miller Heiman Consultant, Patricia Seabright can help you develop the skills needed to create a presentation that is both informative AND engaging:

What to consider:

  • Do you understand how much technical information is really needed in the presentation?
  • How much could go in notes or follow-up information?
  • Are you making the best use of graphics with clear and simple pictures or diagrams to explain technical detail?
  • Are you making the best use of analogies to help make complex concepts clearer and easier to digest?
  • Are you using the right media?
  • Is PowerPoint appropriate to convey technical data?

We work with our clients individually, looking at the personal, business and technical aspects of their presentations. To discover more about our presentation skills training service or to discuss training programmes that are industry specific, please have a look at how we work or contact us.

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Training

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