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Sales Closing Training: We’re Not Closing Enough Deals

Animated people looking over a laptop: Sales Closing TrainingOur team of development coaches can help diminish a prolonged deal with savvy customers and strive to get the best possible solution for their needs.

If your business isn’t closing enough deals…

Here are the questions that we recommend you ask yourself:

  • Do people (and not just your sales team) have a clear and consistent approach to winning deals?
  • Do you have a clear deal management process/methodology?
  • Are people identifying the right stakeholders?
  • Are they identifying a strong value proposition?
  • Are they managing opportunities through a strong funnel management process?
  • Are there issues with negotiation and closing skills among the team?
  • Is your sales/line management supporting both the business/opportunities as well as coaching and developing the skills needed?

How Our Sales Closing Training Can Help

Hopefully by asking the questions above you will have identified either the reasons for not closing enough deals or more questions that you need to ask of the business to drill down to the underlying issues. Our training can provide solutions such as:

Bright idea: Sales Closing Training

  • Coaching/workshops on the deal management process and strategic selling.
  • Helping you understand your funnel management process and the skills that are needed for that.
  • Providing skills based workshops for the sales team – perhaps focused on negotiation or presenting.

We want to support your business goals and aspirations; helping you ensure that you do close enough deals and that your time writing proposals and preparation of presentations isn’t wasted. To find out how our sales closing training can help the needs of your business, have a look at how we work or contact us directly.

Women, Power, Presence and Presentation

Sales Closing Training: We’re Not Closing Enough Deals

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