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We’re Missing Targets: Sales Training Solutions

Missing Targets: Sales Training SolutionsMost (if not all) sales teams are driven by targets – whether it’s units sold or revenue generated over a day, week, month or year, there will be a point at which the team, or individual, will have ‘succeeded’ in the eyes of the business. However, we’re here to provide sales training solutions for businesses who are failing to meet their goals!

Key Questions

Our sales training solutions encourages you to ask:

  • Is there enough in the pipeline?
    • Do you know accurately?
  • Have you got an effective sales process?
  • Have you got the right people?
    • Are your sales people skilled enough to execute?
    • Are your sales people supported well with administrative and order processing tasks?
  • Are you closing opportunities well?
  • Are your targets realistic?

Blue light bulb: Sales Training SolutionsSolving Sales Problems

We work with you to find out the areas of your business that need the attention – the root causes of the problems you’ve got and why you’re not hitting targets. We’ll also help you look at making the improved results sustainable.

We’ll help you understand what your underlying issues are – whether it’s knowledge, skills, processes or attitude. From there we can create a package of solutions which may include some parts of the Miller Heiman Group system, coaching, workshops or consultancy.

We always work with our clients to find out their needs of their business and help them use and develop their teams to solve their sales problems. To find out more about our sales training solutions, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you.

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We’re Missing Targets: Sales Training Solutions

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