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Keynote speeches

Do you need a keynote speech for a sales conference?  Looking for something useful but entertaining? Stimulating but fun? We can offer keynote speeches on a variety of sales and communication topics such as the samples below. All are available as 30- 90 minute sessions that can be very specifically tailored to your business context. They can be a traditional keynote speech or an interactive session.

Patricia is an expert on selling, influencing, presenting and communication particularly in sales and commercial environments. She has run her own consulting and training business for 15 years. During that time, she has developed and honed programmes in the areas of sales, communication, negotiation, strategic influencing, and presentation skills. She has worked with clients ranging from Global corporations to new start-ups.

Her expertise is founded on a successful career in sales management with some of the top global companies such as Coca-Cola and Procter and Gamble in the UK.

Her style is highly engaging and challenging. You’ll be entertained but prompted to think and act as well!

Nightmare on CRM street - how to turn the challenges of CRM into a dream!

Did you know that 80% of all CRM systems fail? How come CRM is a $12billion business that provides a product that doesn’t work and yet people keep buying?
This keynote looks at the tortured relationship between sales and CRM systems and how to turn the nightmare into a dream.
It discusses why CRM systems are often hated and often fail and examines how to shift the paradigm to make them work for you.
Using data from Salesforce.com and The Miller Heiman group, it will highlight the pitfalls and give insights in how to use CRM as a way to deliver insight and competitive advantage.

Topic areas

  • The CRM industry … huge yet ineffective. Stats and facts.
    • Why? Common pitfalls
    • Emperor’s new clothes syndrome
    • Research on CRM
  • Common Pitfalls
    • Cart before the horse
    • Technology -the panacea
  • The Individual relationship with CRM
    • How it can be perceived
  • What it should/ can do
    • Benefits if it works well – intelligence, insight, predictive ability
  • How do you make it work for you?
    • Strategy fit
    • Smart, sales led design / adaptation
    • Choose priorities
    • Simplicity

The 21st century selling environment – what you need to know to thrive & survive.

The selling environment today?  It’s chaos out there and worse than that, it’s crazy, busy chaos!

Customers are more demanding, commoditisation is rife, disruptive technologies, the rise & rise of procurement, do less with more. All are dynamics of the 21st sales environment. How are sales people supposed to make sense of this and somewhere amid the chaos hit their targets?
How do organisations and individuals navigate this successfully?

This keynote takes a light-hearted look at the top 10 trends effecting sales today (using data from Salesforce.com and The Miller Heiman group) and gives practical advice and tips for how sales people and their organisations can thrive in these challenging times, what changes and adaptations are needed and what needs to evolve.

Topic areas

The states of sales

  • What does the data tell us? Sales performance is deteriorating, win rates are worse than Las Vegas dice games!
  • Challenges; e.g. disruptive environment, pace of change vs organisational capacity to adapt, resource constraints vs growth expectations, increased complexity vs need for simplicity and speed, the need for value not product/ service.
  • Individual evolution; what can individuals do to adapt and overcome?
    • The adaptive mindset! Flex, prioritisation, agility
    • Balance- keeping perspective
  • Organisational evolution, speedboat vs tanker – how to be a speedboat!
    • Agile and responsive processes
    • Appropriate data (insight and action not history and blame)
    • Empowered & equipped people

Psycho Selling - understanding the psychology of sales.

You know the old adage, “you don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it helps!” Well maybe there’s some truth in that when it comes to sales.

This keynote looks at the way the human mind works and asks what neuroscience can tell us that might help us manage ourselves and manage our customers more skilfully.

It looks at what are the psychological traits that make for success in sales environments and how you can make the best out of you and your team’s traits and how you can use behavioural flexibility to adapt and win in new and challenging situations.

Understanding how the mind works will give some insight into what goes on in the mind of your customers and buyers and help you interact with them in a more empathic and successful way.


  • The 3-part brain
    • Understanding the basics of the brain
  • Good psychopath – bad psychopath
    • The difference and which good psychopath traits are useful to sales people.
  • Risk, threat and sales!
    • Sales = change = threat!
  • What goes on in a sales person’s head
    • Range of responses to pressure
    • Understanding your default and making choices
  • What goes on inside our buyer’s heads?
    • Range of response to risk
    • The risk paradigm
    • Understanding your buyers and how you can work well with their brain

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Keynote speeches

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