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Interpersonal Skills Training for Technical Professionals

Man with spanner: Interpersonal Skills training for Technical Professionals

Whether it’s lab based research & development, on site engineering, manufacturing technique developers, your IT team or customer facing technicians, most businesses have a team of technical professionals making things happen. Stereotypically, these ‘techies’ are not known for their soft skills or ability to communicate effectively with other members of the company and are generally seen as happier when tucked away doing what they do best.  This does not make for a successful matrixed team – technical professionals need to be able to work collaboratively and communicate well.

Over the years, we have specialised in providing interpersonal skills training for technical professionals.

If the skills within your technical team are an area of concern, here are the questions that we would encourage you to consider:

  • Have your technical professionals received any training in soft/interpersonal skills?
  • Do preconceptions about your technical professionals hinder the communication within your business?
  • What are the perceived differences between soft and hard skills?
  • What are the consequences of ignoring soft skills?
    • How will they affect the rest of the business?
  • Do your technical professionals understand the challenge of communication
  • What barriers do technical professionals face with developing good interpersonal skills?

Archimedes Solutions

Lightbulb: Interpersonal Skills training for Technical ProfessionalsOur programme has seen great results. This can be delivered as workshops or seminars and is delivered by members of the Archimedes Consulting team who understand that these soft skills can be far harder to learn for those who work within technical disciplines.

We can also incorporate some of our training on presentation skills for technical specialists and look at how conflict occurs between, for example, sales and technical teams in a business and how improved communication can help resolve these issues.

If your team need to improve their communication skills, find out more about our interpersonal skills training for technical professionals by contacting us directly.

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Interpersonal Skills Training for Technical Professionals

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