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Influencing Skills Training

Cog cartoon: Influencing Skills Training We talk about the need to be influential in a business in our sections about Sales and Presentation. However, the skills that are needed to be more influential at work are founded in the way that we communicate and those in turn affect sales and presentations, not the other way around.

Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Why do some people always seem to get what they want and need and others struggle?
  • What makes someone really influential?
    • Do you understand and apply the principles of influence?
  • Is being influential born or made?
  • Can you be influential without being manipulative?
  • How do you get in sync with people and build rapport with them?
  • Do you have to be an extrovert to be influential?
  • Why is it easier to sell to customers than influence internal colleagues?

Archimedes Solutions

We deliver all of our training in ways that suit your particular needs Рthese can include workshops, 1:1 coaching, seminars and sometimes theatre work. This particular form of coaching includes the following in a variety of formats:

Lightbulb: Influencing Skills Training

  • Understanding the principles of influence
  • Understanding people’s behavioural styles – including the use of DiSC profiling
  • Identifying the causes of internal politics
  • Understanding the principles of internal networking and stakeholder management
  • Developing an influencing plan

To find out more about our influencing skills training, please take a look at how we work or contact us directly.

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Influencing Skills Training

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