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Improve your businesses forecasting

Business Forecasting Training

Crystal Ball: Business Forecasting Training

The perils of poor forecasting are well known within the sales industry. There are plenty of forecasting packages available now, often part of CRM and/or accountancy software. These can process the data that they already have into any number of forecasts but they don’t, of course, have the awareness of the current business climate, trends or anomalies that the sales team do. Our business forecasting training can help develop your skills through forethought, planning, research and ability to analyse and process data.

That ‘hunch’ based on an ‘off the record’ conversation or reading between the lines can be crucial in a forecast – being ready to deliver and exceed the customer’s expectations. On the other side, poor forecasting can result in being grossly under prepared or overstocked and costing the business a huge amount of money.

Questions to consider

  • Funnel Management:
    • Are your funnel stages defined and user friendly?
    • Can you achieve a common definition of the stages (i.e where a deal really is)?
  • Is there a clear concept of balancing big and small/fast & slow?
  • Do you have both Methodology and CRM?
    • Are they well integrated?
  • Is your CRM system user friendly?
    • Is it used?
    • Is it policed?
  • Are you collecting data accurately?
  • Are your sales people knowledgeable?
    • Do they understand the process?
  • Who is accountable for the forecasting?
    • How is it measured and managed?
  • Is activity tracked as well as the outcomes?
    • Are you using this to enable coaching and correction?

Archimedes Business Forecasting Training

Bright Idea: Business Forecast TrainingWhen we’re looking at forecasting and how to solve the problems caused by poor management within the area, much of what we do involves looking at how things can work better together.

  • Funnel management review/workshop.
  • Skills reviews and coaching/workshops.
  • Methodology and CRM integration –  including Sales Access Manager from Miller Heiman Group.

To find out more about our business forecasting training, please have a look at how we work or contact us so that we can envisage exactly what you need.

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Improve your businesses forecasting

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