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Sales Apprenticeships

Why do it?

Your sales team is the lifeblood of any business. Ensuring that your team are functioning at the top of their capacity is vital to the health and growth of any organisation. Whether you’re concerned about honing and developing your existing sales team or bringing on board new starters, the Youthforce Level 4 Sales Apprenticeship can help

Our programme is designed by sales industry experts. We know that to be an effective salesperson you need the right knowledge, right skills, the right processes and the right behaviours. It’s a 4-legged table – miss any one of the 4 and it falls over!

The programme has also been designed in a flexible way and can be highly tailored to your organisation, so that the emphasis is on immediate, practical application.

How it works;

  • It’s a modular, self-paced learning programme covering the full grounding of necessary processes, knowledge, skills and behaviours for sales success. A fully holistic approach that is tailored to fit your business / industry
  • There are a series of practical work-based assignments enabling effective, self-discovery learning
  • Regular review and coaching sessions
    • In person visits and via video call, focusing on the practical application of learning
    • Remote coaching using state-of-the-art asynchronous coaching software that is time efficient, intensely practical and live

What it will do for your business;

  • You will gain rounded, modern salespeople who are able to work with methodology and technology and have the interpersonal skills to be able to execute the processes
  • Better sales results, e.g. revenue, deal value, target achievement
  • Improved commercial productivity e.g. win rates, sales cycle time and customer retention.
  • Enable you to “grow your own”, i.e. to develop a talent pipeline of entirely fit for purpose salespeople.

What it will do for your salespeople

  • Give them an exceptional foundation and strong development in commercial skills that will enable them to optimise success in their current role and have transferable skills for wherever their career takes them in the future.
  • This apprenticeship enables people to progress into either permanent sales roles or could also open up opportunities to access further education.

Why this apprenticeship?

  • This is a programme that gives a holistic interpretation to apprenticeship standards and delivers a real world, practical training to apprentices. The lead designer is a highly experience sales leader and consultant who brings 30 years of sales, consultancy and sales training experience to the programme.
  • This is a level 4 programme, (i.e. one level above A level )








  1. The sales context-expectations of today’s buyers, markets and sectors
  2. Sales processes and methodologies
  3. Gathering and analysing sales intelligence
  4. Sales forecasting, customer targeting, meeting planning and preparation
  5. Understanding the customer, needs analysis, lead generation, prospecting
  6. Consultative selling, selling value, customer centricity, stakeholder analysis
  7. Core customer skills, questioning probing, listening, behavioural styles and preferences
  8. Negotiation, positions, interests, tradeables, planning and execution
  9. Concluding and closing, summarising, confirming, handling issues and moving to agreement
  10. Time and self-management, structure planning, discipline and resilience
  11. Collaboration and teamwork; multi-disciplinary collaboration, working in the matrix
  12. Law, ethical selling and personal development, the need for CPD.

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Sales Apprenticeships

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