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Conflict Management Training: Resolving Conflict at Work

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To make a business work, you need a variety of people with a variety of skills. You also need to ensure that your staff work effectively and efficiently together.

We’d encourage you to look at these questions in the context of your workplace and consider not only your opinions but how your entire business ethos fits in with your answers:

  • What creates conflict?
  • Can you analyse situations to understand whether it is intentional conflict or a clash of styles?
    • Do you understand the styles of others/colleagues/peers/managers that you find challenging?
    • If not, why?
  • Do you understand your own behavioural style and your default reactions to challenge and threat?
  • Are psychological theories, for example Attachment Theory, CBT or Transactional Analysis, helpful for dealing with conflict?
    • Do you understand any of these well enough to apply them in a situation that requires conflict management?
  • How does conflict affect your psychology?
    • What reactions does it provoke?
    • Can you control these reactions?
  • Can you separate out issues from people and emotions?
    • How do you do that?
  • What benefits will conflict management training bring to your business?

Archimedes Solutions

Lightbulb: conflict management training  Maybe you can identify some challenging personality traits within your own management style or see some stereotypical conflicting behaviour within your business?

Our sessions are aimed at groups of staff but we also offer smaller workshops for senior management and 1:1 coaching at Director level if necessary.

You may have identified an area within the business that is creating conflict via its failure to hit targets. In these situations we’d encourage you to combine some of our sales and presentation training in order to provide a more holistic solution.

To understand more about how Archimedes Consulting can help you and your business by means of our conflict management training, please see our How We Work section or contact us directly.

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Conflict Management Training: Resolving Conflict at Work

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