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Communication Skills for Sales Professionals

Two stick men talking: communication skills for sales professionalsBehind every sale is some form of communication and in our digital age these forms of communication are constantly evolving. As we become more and more aware of how people and brands communicate with us, successful businesses employ sophisticated selling techniques that help ensure that they are the ones who stand out, close the deal and continue their success. Communication skills are vital for sales professionals; people do business with people – businesses don’t do business with each other.

It can be difficult to explain to sales professionals that their communication skills could be improved. If they’re hitting their targets (and if they’re not – see our sales training) and that is their measure of success, they may be reluctant to consider new ideas. That is why Archimedes’ coaching in communication skills for sales professionals is delivered by members who have had years of professional experience in front line sales and sales management.

Questions to ask in business

  • How do I [as a manager] develop core sales communication skills within my team?
  • They’ve got the basics – how do I take their skills to another level?
  • How do I develop rapport quickly with customers (even the ones I don’t like)?
  • How can I understand my customer’s psychology and mindset?
  • How do I diagnose my customer’s communication style and preferences quickly?
    • How do I best adjust my style to suit theirs?
  • How can I develop greater communication flexibility to adapt to my customers – both internal and external?

Archimedes Solutions

lightbulb: communication skills for sales professionals

We offer:

  • Advanced sales communication skills programmes.
  • Skills based forum theatre/role play programmes that go beyond the basic theory.
  • Small group coaching on sophisticated sales techniques.

We regularly combine aspects of our sales and presentation skills training into the communication skills for sales professionals workshop because there is no clear line between them. Our How We Work page shows how you can combine different areas of training to meet your business needs; alternatively contact us directly.

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Communication Skills for Sales Professionals

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