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Case Studies

Over the last 16 years we’ve worked with clients from a wide variety of business sectors.


Here are a few of our case studies that show the different types of work that we do here at Archimedes Consulting.

 Presence and Presentation Skills






Bedfordshire County Council was undergoing a significant period of transformation and upheaval as it split into two unitary authorities. As many of the senior management were interviewing for new roles, Archimedes were asked to support many of the senior team in enhancing their presence and presentation skills to help them maximise their potential.


Archimedes worked with many of the senior team on 121 coaching programmes where we ran a series of two hour sessions with the individual concerned with the relevant specialists from our team. We also ran several “clinics” where senior managers were able to book two hour slots with the relevant expert from the Archimedes team including a BBC presenter, business expert and voice coach.


  • 100% of the delegates said they had benefited significantly from the sessions
  • Many of the senior managers went on to interview/ present successfully and secure jobs of their choice either internally or externally.
  • One delegate went from being seriously concerned about her ability to stand up and present at interviews, to the extent of being physically unwell, to managing to enhance her capability and confidence such that she landed an assistant chief executive job.

“I haven’t come across an organisation that offers the breadth and depth of capability in presentations that you do, I feel like I’ve found a gem” – Anni Hartley-Walder Head of Organisational development Bedfordshire County Council

Sales Effectiveness

Aviva, Norwich Union, case studies, Archimedes Consulting, Patricia Seabright









Insurance company, Norwich Union, wanted to bring a sharper sales focus to the organization, they wanted to build their sales capability to a world class level such that it was a key element of competitive advantage for them. They wanted to establish a common language and way of doing things that brought some consistency to very different approaches previously used in each of the regions.


We put in place a programme that worked on all levels of selling, at meetings, and in deal and relationship management. This included Miller Heiman Group’s Conceptual and Strategic Selling Programmes and the Large Account Management Programme. We first ran a pilot programme with the senior management to enable them to buy into the programme and to get their feedback and input into the rollout programme we designed. We then rolled out these programmes to 400 people at all levels in the business.


The programme was well received by the delegates including one who said:

“During my 23 years with the company this has been by far the best “Sales” training.”

“The programme was very successful in building the business. It was integrated with the Norwich Union bid management system and drove a strike rate from 30% to 87% in the space of a year, strengthened the size and depth of their new business funnel and helped in closing £150m of brand new business.”

Phil Bayles (Director of Trading) said that the programme had helped achieve “a quantum leap forward from last year” and “a much greater sophistication in identifying and winning bids”.

Sales and Communication Skills

Medion, sales training, communication training, case studies, archimedes consulting, Patricia Seabright




Medion, a multinational electrical manufacturer, wanted to build the selling skills of key members of their sales team from more of an administrative approach to a pro-active business building team.


Archimedes designed and ran a group coaching based training programme for sales staff that focused on developing core sales skills around customer engagement, communication and influencing. The programme was a mix of content discussion groups, activity, external tasks to go away and complete followed by a consolidation discussion at the beginning of the next session.


  • By the end of the programme delegates demonstrated account penetration that had improved by 208%.
  • The team’s buyers gave unsolicited feedback that the sales staff had become far more confident, efficient and hence a lot easier to work with.
  • Critical customer relationships, even with “difficult” buyers were transformed, with positive feedback from the buyers themselves.
  • Internally too, the feedback from senior colleagues was very positive, particularly concerning proactive internal contributions.

Louise Roberts; Medion Sales manager:

“I would honestly say I’m tackling my job as a whole new person. Before the training I considered leaving as I didn’t feel I was suited to my position, but now I realise that I just needed some direction from Patricia to help me reach my goals. I enjoyed it as well which is always good”

Find out more about how we work or contact us to see how we can help your business improve their sales, communication and presentation skills.

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Case Studies

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