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Business Training Videos

A little while ago we produced a series of business training videos on YouTube regarding some of the basic training we cover in our courses.

Handling Nerves.

This links to all our Presentation and Public Speaking training and coaching – although it can be applied in many,  many other situations.  We all get nervous, this video takes you back to the basics so that you can manage your nerves, rather than them managing you.

Creating Impact In Presentations

Presentations without impact are boring – often the presenter will be remembered for their poor presentation rather than the message they’re wanting to share.  This brief video looks at creating some impact so your audience will go away engaged and informed.

Presentation Pitfalls

Have you ever wondered how to avoid some of the more common presentation pitfalls? Watch this video and see how easily they can be overcome with a little planning.

Sales Pitching

In this video, Patricia looks at why you shouldn’t ‘pitch’ for a sale, fitting with our Sales & Account Management training.

We’ll be updating our YouTube Channel in the future with more business training videos – and if what you’ve seen interests you, take a look at how we work or contact us directly.

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Business Training Videos

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