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Business Productivity Training

Are your team using their time efficiently and what is there to show for that time at the end of the day, week, month or year? To make better sales you’ll need to increase your business productivity!

Measuring productivity is a hard task and can be a contentious issue among team members, especially if a team is working on a mix of large and small accounts. Equally, what one team member sees as extremely productive may not be seen in the same light by a colleague! This is where our business productivity training comes into play.

Questions to ask

Each business is different but the questions that you can ask are still relevant, whatever sector you work in:

  • Do you have a clear process/common language – or is everyone reinventing the wheel?
  • Are your processes clear and streamlined – avoiding waste and rework?
  • Have you optimised sales support and sales operations to maximise sales time and to focus on the customer?
  • What is your qualification process?
    • Are you able to prioritise well and focus resources on the ‘big wins’?
  • Are you tracking activity metrics as well as outcomes to be able to measure results accurately and fairly?
  • Are you spending more time measuring than focussing on the customer?

Our business productivity training

With years of experience working with multi-nationals, SMEs and local government organisations, we know that productivity in business is the key to success. We also know that it is used as an excuse, justification or other reasoning for lack of success or the collapse of a bid or relationship – we don’t believe that this should be the case.

light bulb graphic: business productivity coachingOur solutions include:

  • Consultancy on your sales operations/sales support processes.
  • Workshops and consultancy on creating clear, common and consistent processes to avoid rework – these may include some of the Miller Heiman Group methodologies.
  • Linking some of our other solutions from our forecasting, targets and closing business deals workshops to increase overall productivity.

To find out more about our business productivity training service, please have a look at how we work or contact us directly.

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Business Productivity Training

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