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Who Are Archimedes Consulting?

Founded in 2000 by Patricia Seabright, Archimedes Consulting is here to help individuals and businesses interact with others more effectively.

The name came about because we believe that like the “Eureka moment” that the famous Greek philosopher experienced, good consultancy, coaching and training gives clients moments of clarity and insight that help step change future results.

We are specialist and experts, we don’t do off the peg, one size fits all, public programmes. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver client specific programmes that will build personal and corporate effectiveness. We work in areas that require communication, presentation, influence and selling capability.

Patricia Seabright: Director

Patricia Seabright, Archimedes Consulting, Management, Sales, Coaching, Speaker

Patricia’s background is in sales and sales management. She started as a management trainee and worked up to senior management level. Her wide experience encompasses many different sales and management functions including national accounts, field sales management, sector management and trade marketing.

She has a Blue Chip corporate background, having worked for organisations such as Procter & Gamble, Energizer, Gillette and Coca-Cola. During this time she has led a variety of projects such as setting up a new regional structure, restructuring a van sales operation and introducing a total quality programme.

In more recent years Patricia has moved into the field she feels passionate about, individual and organisational training and development. She has worked with national and international clients in diverse industries such as insurance, (e.g. Aviva) , consumer goods (e.g. Revlon, Epson, The Institute of Grocery Distribution), and software (e.g. Symbian) and hi tech (e.g. Nvidia, Cognizant ) . She has successfully sold, designed and delivered bespoke sales communication and presentation programmes for these clients.

Patricia is:

Women, Power, Presence and Presentation

About Us

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