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This resources section of our website is one that will keep growing over time as we find more books, gadgets, videos and downloads to add.  If there’s something that you’d like us to try or consider adding to this page, please contact us.


archimedes consulting, presentation, presentation skills, nerves, patricia seabrightOne of things we talk about in our presentation skills training is using a plug and play slide advancer / pointer to free you from the “nodding dog” effect of having to stoop down to your laptop every time you need to move on a slide.

This is one of our favourites (click on the image to go straight to Amazon – this is a helpful rather than sponsored link)

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Kensington Wireless 2.4 GHz USB Presenter and Red Laser Pointer – Compatible with PowerPoint and KeyNote

What we would add is to try using the laser pointer before your presentation – the further you have to point with it, the greater the amount of shake that will show on the screen!


Youtube, Archimedes Consulting, sales training, nervesWe’ve a series of short videos on our YouTube channel covering various topics.  You can also find them in our Video section on this site.


We’ll also be adding other relevant videos as and when we come across something that we think is worth sharing.




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There are so many books on the market that promise to inspire you, make you incredibly successful, solve all your business problems, make you sell more, be happy and numerous other claims. Our Best Business Books blog lists a number of books that we’ve found useful, relevant and think that you might be interested in reading.

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