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Manage Internal Sales

Internal Selling Training

puzzle pieces and people: internal selling trainingIt is all too easy for a business to end up fragmented – the internal selling is seen as its own entity and the same applying to operations, buying, accounting, design and all the other teams involved. As managers try to develop their own teams to be the most productive, efficient and meet their own targets, they can often forget that the business needs to work together to look after the customers – and that the sales team are generally at the front-line.

Monitoring what the sales team are doing is vital but we often hear “we’re struggling to get our own organisation to deliver what the customer needs.” That statement can then lead to a destructive culture of blame – so to avoid this and improve your selling within the business, we raise common pitfalls via our internal selling training:

  • Does the wider organisation understand the customer needs (not just the sales team)?
  • Are you working in cross functional teams to deliver what the customer needs?
  • Do you have forums/structures that allow for cross functional working?
  • Do the sales team have the knowledge and skills to influence internally and at senior levels?

Archimedes Solutions

Our internal selling training is a fantastic solution and it’s intrinsically linked to many of the other solutions we offer (forecasting, improving productivity, understanding your pipeline and relationship management).

light bulb graphic: internal selling trainingWe can help you:

  • Ensure that you have good and aligned processes – using strategic selling skills.
  • With workshops on influencing skills, stakeholder management, networking and rapport building skills.
  • With cross functional workshops/coaching on communication, presentation and conflict management skills.

Our services offer the springboard for improvement throughout businesses. Find out more about how we work, or contact us directly to discover more about internal selling training.

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Manage Internal Sales

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