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Business Relationship Management Training

Circle of Influence: Business Relationship Management TrainingBuyers today are a savvy bunch, with vast arrays of information at their fingertips. To get beyond price based transactional relationships with customers is a challenge facing all sales teams, so we offer business relationship management training to help in those situations where that sort of relationship may seem ‘as good as it gets’.

The art of relationship management is complex and requires a mix of interpersonal and business skills from both those on the front line and the teams supporting them.

What to consider

Our business relationship management training asks you to consider:

  • Are you a customer centric company?
    • Or product or internally focused?
  • Are you truly adding value?
    • Do you know what value looks like to your customer?
  • How does your account planning system work?
  • Are you working/engaging at a strategic or tactical level?
  • Have you got an aligned and cross functional planning approach internally?
  • Have you got a contact management strategy?
  • Are you doing joint planning with the customer?
  • Are you managing your channel partners well?
    • Are you clear on the differences between channel and customer and how to manage them?

Archimedes Solutions

Blue lightbulb, a good idea: Business Relationship Management TrainingThese can seem very big questions to ask – and also big things to change both in terms of mindset and in day to day operations. Relationship management needs constant tweaking, to meet the needs of both businesses and to work with the dynamics of the people involved. Our business relationship management training involves:

  • Account Management processes and skills.
  • Channel partner management programme – potentially using the Miller Heiman Group CPM.
  • Workshops on strategic/cross-functional account management methodology – potentially using the Miller Heiman Group Large Account Management Process.
  • Interpersonal skills development programmes.

To find out more about our business relationship management training, please contact us or give us a call on 01727 850668

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Business Relationship Management Training

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