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Politics – Why don’t women run??

Why aren’t there more women in politics? There has been a lot of discussion and focus in the media about this recently. Not surprising really, given that 100 years on from women getting the vote, women still make up only 32 % of all MPs and about the same % of local councillors. In the […]

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Jeremy Corbyn’s Conference Address – September 2018

Taking aside any views on the content of Corby’s speech lets look at how he did from a public speaking perspective. Introduction; As he entered, he greeted his shadow cabinet warmly and has perfected the classic poses of US politicians of waving and pointing to members of the audience and acknowledging them in time honoured […]

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Sales methodology – why do I need it?

People will ask, why do I need sales methodology? We have processes, we have experienced people, we have CRM software?  They are important questions especially because although selling has always been a mix of art and science, science (or at least data) is now playing a much bigger role. As B2B selling is an increasingly […]

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Millennials – why we need to work differently with them.

We keep hearing about Millennials and how they are so different from previous generations, but why does this matter to us? Probably because lack of understanding of this generation can cause problems in how to manage them and how teach and develop them. If you’re a non-millennial manager, consultant, or trainer this is for you! […]

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Brexit for Commercial and Sales Leaders

What does Brexit mean for Commercial and Sales leaders?  How should we be reacting?

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The presentation magic of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs;  the man’s a legend, not only for the business, technical and design genius of Apple but the way he has presented his story over the decades. There’s a brilliant book “Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs” by Carmine Gallo which  talks about what he does that makes him such an awesome presenter. But if […]

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Audit for a Commercially Strong Business

Your organisation may be excellent at its technical capabilities, producing its product or service but is it also strong commercially? Without a strong commercial engine room the best business will struggle. Here are a handful of questions to ask yourself just to check that your organisation is in good shape. 1.       Have you got a […]

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Remote working and presentation skills

Remote working and presentation skills

All businesses are being shaken by the impact of the global coronavirus. The travel bans, meeting...

16 Mar 2020
Speaking Through the Storm –  Handling challenging speaking situations

Speaking Through the Storm – Handling challenging speaking situations

About 10 years ago I attended a political meeting. It made me think of what it...

13 Mar 2020