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Best Business Books

In putting our website together we’ve tried to include as many resources and ideas as possible. We’re often asked for the best business books by those who have been on our courses. Thus, we compiled this list. The below books should be available on Amazon and via other well known booksellers.

Archimedes Consulting, reading, best sales books, Patricia Seabright, sales trainingBest Personal Development Books

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey (ISBN 0-671-70863-5)
Sound general principles, a starter for 10 on personal development

Masters of Networking – Ivan Misner (ISBN 1-885167-48-2)
your all important network

Unlimited Power – Anthony Robins (ISBN 0-684-84577-6)
the science of personal achievement, from the leading “Guru” of personal development

Mans Search for Meaning –Viktor E Frankel (ISBN 0-671-02337-3)
A masterpiece on self empowerment from a man who survived the concentration camps

Best Coaching Books

The inner game of work – Timothy Gallway (ISBN 1-58799-047-4)
A coaching classic

Coach Yourself– Anthony M Grant & Jane Greeve (IBSN 1843 040131)
Full of useful self coaching tools and strategies

Be your own Life coach –Fiona Harrold (ISBN 0-340-77028-7)
Some good insights and motivational approaches

The Tao of Coaching – Max Landsberg (ISBN 0-00-638811-6)
An easy reading tale to introduce the coaching approach to management

Best Sales Books

The New Strategic Selling – Stephen E Miller & Diane Sanchez (ISBN 0-7494-4130-5)
A classic on robust sales process for complex selling situations
”A mini MBA on how to sell national accounts”

The New Successful Large Account Management – Robert Miller & Stephen Heiman (ISBN – 0749445017)
A classic on account management and planning that encourages strategic and customer focus in what you do and facilitates the protecting and enhancing your business critical account relationships

The Trusted Advisor – David Maister
Earning the trust and confidence of your clients is critical. It helps combat the modern monster of commoditisation and helps achieve robust ongoing account/ customer relationships. This book is about understanding trust and is practical and readable.

Getting to Yes – Roger Fisher and William Ury

Classic negotiation text from a Harvard professor. Most other books on negotiation have followed on from this.

SPIN Selling – Neil Rackham
Rackham is a sales “guru” and SPIN selling is a useful approach to questioning based on some sound research. Some think it’s a bit of a manipulative approach, which if it’s used crudely I’d agree with, but I still thinks it’s a useful read.

Best Culture Books

Riding the waves of culture – Fons Trompenaars & C Hampden-Turner (ISBN1-85788-176-1)
Seminal work on understanding the impact of different cultures in today’s business environment

Watching the English -The hidden rules of English behaviour – Kate Fox
Everything you might want to know about why the English are as they are! Particularly useful for any non- Brit who needs to understand the bizarre ways of their British colleagues, such as humour, sarcasm and why we say “sorry” all the time!

White Elephants and Red Herrings – Albert Jack (ISBN 1 84358 129 9)
An entertaining book explaining the meaning and origins of many English idioms, especially useful for non English speakers in multi-national teams

Best Business Books

Good to Great – Jim Collins
How good companies got to be great, clear strategies concisely expressed

Gods of Management – Charles Handy (ISBN 0-09-954841-0)
Great insight into the different cultures of organisations

The World Is Flat: The Globalized World in the Twenty-first Century – Thomas Friedman (ISBN 0141022728)
A fascinating book about why modern business is the way it is and where it’s going

Tipping Point – Malcolm Glad well
An explanation of how products, concepts and ideas make it big!

Who moved my cheese? – Dr S Johnson (ISBN 0-09-181-6971)
An easy read and allegorical tale to set managing change in perspective

My Iceberg is melting –Professor John Katter
Another easy, allegorical read, this time on change management

Brain Rules -Professor John Medina
Medina is an expert on how the brain works and his book is full of useful rules that help you understand how to be most effective in terms of working with the flow of brain when communicating, presenting and running a business.

Best Presentation Books

Presence – Patsy Rosenberg (ISBN 978-0-718-14999-4)
Patsy is a well known voice coach and acting coach to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and The Royal Shakespeare Company. In this book she talks about how to be present, not withdrawing energy inward, not being pushy and projecting energy outward, just being present through focus and breathing. Quite fascinating!

The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint – Edward R. Tufte
A small but powerful book from a Yale Professor who is considered the guru of technical data presentation. Includes fascinating stuff on why the space shuttle disaster was caused by a PowerPoint presentation!

Killer Presentations – Nicholas B Oilton
Top tips on using PowerPoint properly

Reading, Business, Sales, Books, Archimedes Consulting, Patricia Seabright, ResourcesSpeak to influence – Susan Berkeley
Using voice and presentation in the most persuasive and influential ways.

The right to speak – Patsy Rosenberg
A top voice and acting coach gives insight into the best use of your voice.

Unseal – Steven Poole
The use and abuse of English by business people and politicians.

Presentation Pitfalls

Best Business Books

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